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Open Throat

Unique among hybrid vents, ecoPOWER® has no separate axial fan in the throat allowing unparalleled airflow. Research using AS4740:2000 (Performance of Natural Ventilators) has shown clearly that any obstruction in the throat of a natural ventilator will greatly decrease vent performance under wind load. The level of flow reduction can be 40% or greater. Also, axial fans located in the throat of natural vents can produce significant noise levels.


Dual Bearing Function

The ecoPOWER®’s direct drive centrifugal design means the bearing system of the motor functions as the bearing system of the ventilator. This means that the vent can be free spinning under wind load or power activated as conditions require.

Electronic Commutation Motor

The use of an innovative Electronic Commutation (EC) motor ensures that the best energy efficiency features available are factored into the product design and also results in low maintenance.

Intelligent speed control

The EP900 model incorporates intelligent speed control. This allows a simple sensor to be connected for full feedback control of the motor. This can in turn be connected to a computer for ease of programming.